A new way of setting up banks and offices: fluid, green and interactive spaces

Versatile and flexible: these are the two main characteristics that distinguish our aluminium and fabric fittings compared to projects made with traditional construction materials.

Choosing textile architecture to design and set up spaces means:

  • to customize graphics and accessories
  • to easily change image thanks to the silicon edge graphics
  • to use lightweight and modular structres
  • to optimize time and costs for transport and assembly
  • to make the layout of different spaces fluid and dynamic

Shop in shop in banks: one solution, many configurations

Today the design of bank branches is more and more focused on sharing spaces: on the one hand with customers, to foster a new relationship mode focused on consulting, on the other with various business partners, who choose bank branches as communication spaces. This is why it is important to create extremely versatile installations: by using the aluminum and fabric system you can design a solution that changes and adapts to different needs and situations, saving time and money. The integration of digital signage systems and multimedia supports also makes the environments engaging and attractive, offering the customer a direct experience of the brand, product or service.


Soundproofing, backlit and eco-friendly: the new bank branches and offices spaces

Dividing spaces avoiding expensive, invasive and definitive masonry works: with reusable aluminium and fabric walls it is possible!
We offer load-bearing, like plasterboard or masonry walls, but with the advantages of the aluminum-fabric combination: lightness, versatility, flexibility, backlighting, quick and easy image change.
Moreover, our walls can also be soundproofed thanks to the addition of polyester fiber panels, that absorb sound waves. So our solutions combine flexible space organization with acoustic optimization, improving the environmental comfort.

For 100% green settings, ABS Group offers a line of totally recycled fabrics: the yarn used for the production of these materials results from the reconversion of plastic waste recovered from the sea as part of the “SeaQual Initiative”. Our fabrics are also totally recyclable being polyester-based, PVC-free and printed with water-based inks, without solvents.

Creative and modular set ups for events and activities

Modularity and reduced dimensions of the structures, as well as the optimization of tiem and costs for assembly and dismantling are added values also for institutional events and activities, such as conferences, meetings, seminars.
The aluminium and fabric set ups adapt to different spaces and environments and combine functionality and aesthetics, enhancing the image and the message to be conveyed. The structures can be reused on different occasions: you can just print new graphics and easily change the fabric coverings. Moreover they are available for rent.



Discover all the set up possibilities with our in aluminum and fabric structures!

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