Technology, speed and attention to detail: the utmost efficiency, from the quoting to delivery

We like to define our company as “pioneering”.
Indeed, over 15 years ago, in a market dominated by plastics, we chose to set out on a new path and put our faith in fabric and its potential in installation design. Since that time, our evolution has been constant: guided by vision and courage, we have invested in technology, research and human resources each and every day to ensure all our customers receive attention to detail and speedy production.

High quality
in the shortest time possible

Our workflow has been designed ad-hoc to ensure optimum control of all advancements. This allows us to speed up and improve the administrative, productive and order fulfilment processes, without renouncing the attention to detail by which we have always been distinguished.

Our software analyses and recognises the characteristics of your files and, through colour management tools, determines the optimal print settings. That means the most suitable print mode is selected based on the colour intensity of your graphics and on the chosen fabric.

The print sequences and timeframes are automatically arranged and defined in consideration of the characteristics of your files and the thermal qualities of the fabrics.

The overall optimisation of the workflow means the progression of the projects underway can be monitored to ensure certain delivery times and high quality standards along with strict and accurate handling of the order.

Extra-large productions
and prints at up to 800 m2 per hour

Today, our fleet includes the latest technologies that permit a production capacity of 800 m2 per hour to meet the quantities and production times of any request you may have.

The most important machines include the exclusive Durst Rhotex 500, which prints up to 5 metres in height without the need for seams, the 5-metre Monti Antonio calender machine for the sublimation phase, used in transfer printing, reactivation and “crush” thermofixing, and the 3.3-metre Matic Helios Plus textile laser cutter equipped with software that guarantees extreme precision and fidelity to the shape and dimensions of the template and facilitates the production of greater volumes in less time.

Do you want to see how our production department operates?
Email us via contact@absgroupsrl.it to book a video call and a virtual visit!

Over 8.000 SQ.M
of innovation

In over 8,000 SQ.M production site, the following machines are installed:
  • Durst Rhotex 500 printer for printing up to 5 m in height
  • Durst Rhotex 325 printer
  • Monti Antonio 91-5400 transfer-printing calender 5 m
  • Atp color 3200 printer
  • Mimaki jv 5 3200 printer
  • Helios plus laser textile cutter 3,3 m
  • 20 high-performance sewing machines