Restart from Phygital Retail: fabric becomes intelligent, and dialogues with customers and visitors

When security has become a priority also in the retail sector, a creative approach is needed to rethink strategies, attract the public and facilitate salespeople in dealing with customers. In response to a new contemporary store vision and urgent needs after Coronavirus emergency, ABS Group propose Phygital fittings, perfect fusion between physical and digital elements.

At Euroshop 2020 (Düsseldorf 16>20 February), one of the major international trade fairs in the retail world, ABS Group showcased its evolved structures in textile architecture with home automation, sensors and interactivity, to present its proposal for a store in which users play an active part in the display and sales performance is more effective.

Phygital Retail:
textile architecture evolving

The perfect fusion between physical and digital elements from which the definition “Phygital Retail” derives, has resulted in a series of displays, like interactive showcase, panel and mirror to explore more content and to buy products directly. The interactive sliding wall improves communication as it allows contents and information to be explored more deeply, and encourages the involvement of customers and visitors in different commercial, business and exhibition environments. Lightboxes evolve thanks to home-automation technologies, to control different functions remotely via APP such as turning on/off, programming the lights and the sound diffusion of the light-boxes.
Phygital Retail solutions are part of a complete system, which can be set up quickly and without masonry work, that furnishes not only points of sale but also company, exhibition and museum spaces, making them all “experiential”
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Brand new:
dynamic interactive lightboxes

Dynamic interactive lightboxes are aluminium and fabric walls, backlit with a system of LEDs programmed to generate different animations that can be modified according to how users touch the surface. Dynamic interactive lightboxes actually represent the smart evolution of fabric. This material, which has always been used by the ABS Group as an installation support, takes on a new value in the dialogue with users. It maintains its own qualities, such as material texture, softness, flexibility, and aesthetic and ecological value of sublimation printing, but acquires new potential by adding interaction technologies. Fabric becomes “intelligent”, responding to customers and visitors, involving them directly and letting them become key players during their shopping or visiting experience.
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Exhibitor Magazine’s EuroShop Award:
ABS Group in the top 10

A jury of professionals and experts from EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Euroshop Award, chose ABS Group’s graphic design and fittings from over 2,400 exhibitors, ranking it in the top 10 of the best stand designs. A confirmation of how the aluminium and fabric fittings, evolved in terms of phygital, represent a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.
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