ABSolutely® Transparent reusable dividers

ABS Group presents ABSolutely® Transparent, the new line of see-through dividers that meet the current need for reorganising corporate and commercial spaces post COVID-19. 

These elements divide environments, ensuring safety and protection, whilst offering the advantage of being able to be reused as communication media by simply replacing the covering materials.


An aluminium frame, infinite types of coverings

Ideal for public offices, banks, shops, hotels, beauty salons, restaurants and anywhere people congregate, ABSolutely® Transparent dividers are made of 44-mm aluminium profiles with a free-standing base, to which a soft and transparent PVC sheeting is fastened, perfectly tensioned thanks to the silicone rubber applied along the edges.

To meet a range of requirements, ABSolutely® Transparent dividers can be chosen in the totally transparent variant or come with half transparent/half printed fabric with custom graphics.


The measurements available are:

– free-standing dividers
69×200 cm
138×200 cm
138×138 cm

– benchtop dividers
138×69 cm
100×69 cm
Differing spaces? Special needs?
ABSolutely® Transparent dividers can also be created in custom formats. Send your request to contact@absgroupsrl.it or call us at +39 0438 509030. 

Convert = conserve

The ability to recover the ABSolutely® Transparent dividers renders them flexible and versatile elements that can be reused even once the health emergency is over.  

Thanks to the simple system for securing to the aluminium frame, the transparent PVC can be removed to apply a printed and customised fabric with your own graphics. 

A practical and intelligent solution for converting an item, reduce waste and optimise economic investments. 

The fabric coatings are sublimated with environmentally-friendly water-based inks and can be replaced an infinite number of times to renew the appearance of the dividers and characterise the environments at any time.


Hygiene and cleanliness, complete transparency

The ABSolutely® Transparent PVC coatings can be cleaned using any sanitising product. What distinguishes this material from others is the guarantee that it will maintain its transparency, without cloudy spots or matte stains, even after repeated cleaning. The printed fabric components can be removed and safely cleaned in a washing machine at 60° C.



Would you like to receive more information about ABSolutely® Transparent dividers?
Write to contact@absgroupsrl.it – we will gladly answer all your questions!