ABSolutely® Silent & Safe – the new anti-bacterial and sound-absorbing fabric dividers

In response to the urgent need to design a safe return to the workplace, ABS Group presents Absolutely® Silent & Safe, a line of aluminium and fabric dividers that are antibacterial and sound-absorbing. 

Silent & Safe structures are a secure solution for compliance with the guidelines regarding the management and division of corporate spaces, devised to counter the spread of Coronavirus.At the same time, their aesthetic and functional characteristics ensure they are true furnishing elements that contribute to improving the quality of life in the environments in which we work on a daily basis.

Eco-friendly printing for custom graphics

Images, corporate logos, messages: ABSolutely® Silent & Safe structures can be customised by choosing from our available graphics or sending your own communication to be reproduced on the fabrics. The coatings are sublimated with environmentally-friendly water-based inks and can be easily replaced to renew the appearance of the dividers and characterise the environments.

ABSolutely® Silent & Safe dividers are available in floor and table versions, which can be configured according to the various requirements.

These products are produced with white, black or anodised aluminium profiles that, upon request, can be painted with RAL colours as desired.

The Silent & Safe dividers are secure products, being 100% Made in Italy and certified as Class A1 flame retardant.

Safe furnishings with Sanitized® antibacterial treatment

The fabric used to produce ABSolutely® Silent & Safe dividers undergoes the Sanitized® antibacterial treatment.
Sanitized® is based on the use of a compound that releases silver ions into the fabric to counteract the proliferation of bacteria. It has recently been shown that these nano-particles also have powerful effects against numerous viruses. The fabrics can be washed at 60° C up to 50 times without times without losing their antibacterial value.


Improve acoustics by decorating the environments

Silent & Safe dividers combine acoustic optimisation and custom room decorations in a single solution. Thanks to the use of high-performance materials, they guarantee a reduction in sound reverberation even in restricted situations. Inserted inside the 44-mm-thick aluminium profiles are 30 mm multi-layer panels for acoustic abatement of 31 dB, consisting of special elastomeric membranes of 4 kg/m2 each. These membranes are joined by a 100% thermolegated polyester fibre sheeting that is entirely recyclable and has a dissipation effect.


Would you like to receive more information about ABSolutely® Silent & Safe dividers, graphics and the sizes available?
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