Selfie Mask and anti-bacterial fabric. We put a face to it!

If it is true that you do not mess with health, it is equally true that we can choose products that combine safety, protection and design.
Face masks to counteract the spread of the Coronavirus have become a new everyday object. Customising yours with graphics, corporate logos, images and messages is certainly one way to improve the appearance and encourage us to wear a mask.


Grin and wear it!

The ABS Group’s Selfie Mask combines innovation and creativity. But what renders these face coverings truly unique is the ability to print a photograph of your own face on the fabric. Shapes and colours can be applied to brand the masks or make them fashionable but the most beautiful accessory we can wear is always our smile.

Personalised graphics for adults and children

ABS Group offers 100% polyester fabric masks, with sublimation printing in eco-friendly water-based inks.
Soft, droplet-resistant, breathable and washable at 60° C, these masks come in various sizes as well as in men’s, women’s and children’s models (sizes S and M).
In addition to the photograph of your grin on the Selfie Mask, you can customise these products by printing on the fabrics:
. graphics
. corporate logos
. patterns
. images


Sanitized® treatment + N95 filter pocket

A distinctive feature of the ABS Group masks is the use of a fabric that has been subjected to the Sanitized® antibacterial treatment.
Sanitized® is based on the use of a compound that releases silver ions into the fabric to counteract the proliferation of bacteria. It has recently been shown that these nanoparticles also have powerful effects against numerous viruses. The masks can be washed at 60° C up to 50 times without losing their antibacterial value. The Selfie Mask also comes with a pocket for inserting a N95 filter that blocks 95% of particles suspended in the air.


Safety and protection 100% Made in Italy

The masks are Made in Italy, using fabrics that are safe and free from harmful and dangerous substances, as well as being OEKO-TEX 100 certified. They are also produced with fireproof materials, classified as B-s1 d0 according to the European DIN EN 13501-1 standard.

Would you like to receive more information about our masks and the graphics available?
Write to contact@absgroupsrl.it – we will gladly answer all your questions!