Living Choices

Remigio Architects – Interexpo 
Creating temporary installations

An evocative journey comprising graphics and audio support, which adorned the external facade and interiors of the Interexpo headquarters during the Milan Design Week 2023. “Living Choices – being and inhabiting change” is a project by Remigio Architects that invites us to reflect on our choices and how these influence the environment, the spaces we live in, and our future.


The series of temporary installations was created in collaboration with associations, artists, architects and designers to promote themes ranging from sustainability, multiculturalism and inclusiveness. The choice of exhibition materials was also driven by a commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of human activities; to this end, Remigio Architects opted to employ the flexibility afforded by beMatrix aluminium structures, paired with ABS Group covering fabrics.


Thanks to the lightness and robustness of these structures, it was possible to temporarily set up 11-metre-high frames without needing to resort to permanent attachment points on the building. In the “Living Choices” project, our fabrics serve as supports for images that champion diversity and beauty in a way that’s a far cry from more familiar modes, as well as to convey universal messages such as the one displayed on an ironic, dynamically changing lightbox, which reminds us that “We are all made the same”.


beMatrix® system, Lightbox