Phygital Retail

1p/Primo Piano  
Showroom exhibition space

Experiential retail – or phygital retail – is the theme of the restyling of the showroom conducted by ABS Group, ETT and Corepixx. During Milan Design Week 2023, the space was re-outfitted with multiple interactive and integrated display and communication media. The offerings showcased combine aluminium and fabric structures with an array of multimedia technologies, and are designed to meet the primary need of retailers: offering an impactful customer experience to consumers with differing needs and behaviours. From LED walls to touchscreen tables, dynamic lightboxes and equipped walls, the installations are characterized by their highly interactive nature and the degree to which they actively involve visitors. One such example is the interactive library, which features sensors and video media: by touching or lifting the objects on display, visitors can learn more, find out about other models or purchase the item. The interactive wall also prompts visitors to act: it features an aluminium and fabric structure with a sliding monitor that users can move to discover further content. There is no shortage of decorative elements either, including fabric coverings stretched across the wall and orthogonal lightboxes that enhance images, graphics and texts.


beMatrix® system, Equipped wall units, Interactive fittings, Lightbox, Textile Architecture