Think like a bee

Remigio Architects – Interexpo  
Creating temporary installations

The “Think like a bee – exhibiting in harmony with nature” installation project was created to evoke the industriousness of bees, their outstanding organizational skills and the vital role they play for our planet. Indeed, it was this “expertise” that served as the inspiration for this installation concept, which was created by Remigio Architects, designed by Luca Remigio and Francesco Forcellini in partnership with ABS Group, and installed in the Interexpo headquarters.
The different elements were created by combining beMatrix aluminium frames and fabric coverings: this display system is among the most sustainable on the market, which is why the parallel with the world of bees and hives is even more apt. Just as honeycombs are networks of interlocking hexagonal cells, constructed to meet the needs of the bees for which they’re home, optimize their work, and adapt to environmental conditions, so the beMatrix system and the materials used allow for optimizing installations and reducing their environmental impact.
In addition to its advantages in terms of sustainability, the “Think like a bee” display boasts a strong visual impact and high aesthetic value. From the hexagonal frames that symbolize honeycomb, the 5-metre-high tower with opening door, and the walk-in structure featuring customized joints that enable the creation of completely non-standard angles and spaces: each installation showcases the infinite set-up possibilities the beMatrix system offers.


beMatrix® system, Frame, Textile Architecture