SIU office at Palariccione

BeMatrix® frames covered with fabric
On the occasion of the SIU 2021 National Congress, ABS Group realized and set up a temporary registration office welcoming visitors at the entrance to the Palariccione. The structure – 8.5 meters long, 4 meters wide and 2.5 meters high – is the result of the combination of different beMatrix modules completely covered in printed and customized fabric. Design by: SSD Lab.
The modularity of the beMatrix frames made it possible to design an installation that adapts to the available space, integrating perfectly with the existing architectural elements, such as the two side pillars. Furthermore, the lightweight, easy to assembly frames have simplified and speeded up the installation operations of the structure.
Part of the set-up elements of the structure built on the occasion of the SIU 2021 National Congress at Palariccione have been reused to give life to three other different set-ups, all designed by SSD Lab:

  • a self-standing portal for an event inside a hotel in Rome
  • a backdrop for France Odeon, the French Film Festival in Florence
  • a Bioitalia stand built at the Tuscany Hall in Florence

beMatrix® system, Frame