An innovative concept for the new retail areas of the Venetian company, which chooses the aluminium and fabric format, created by ABS Group, for its openings in the Spanish airports.
After a first initial project, that had planned the use of traditional building materials, the company Store Builder, specialised in the design of commercial areas, was looking for possible building alternatives. The fabric and the solutions proposed by ABS Group proved to be valid in order to start and share a common path in the research of the best fitting-out possibilities, by using the advantaged offered by this material.

What was the outcome?

A new, innovative and complete store model has resulted where the environment, from the separating walls to the upper panels, is built and furnished in aluminium and fabric, avoiding all masonry work. The format was chosen to create the 25 sq.m store in Barcelona and then replicated and doubled in the 50 sq.m store in Madrid.

The walls of the Fedon store, equipped and back-lit, are enriched by magnetic hooks and shelves to expose the products. Inside each store, a storage space was obtained and in the upper part of each shop there is a hanging kit, which has a height of about 30 cm, with the company logo, all made of aluminium and fabric.
Barcelona airport temporary store. In collaboration with Store Builder


Equipped wall units