Museo Lamborghini

Innovative, technological, creative, experiential: the new Lamborghini Museum, inaugurated on June 9 at the historic home of the bull in Sant’Agata Bolognese, traces the history of a myth and looks to the future.

The new layout was designed and implemented by ETT creative digital Industry that deals with S.p.A., technological innovation and culture, in collaboration with the architectural firm Go Up in Genoa and ABS Group, which has produced all aluminium frames and fabric that punctuate the Museum spaces.

In particular, ABS Group posted eleven bright walls, long up to 27 meters, aluminium profiles, covering materials and LED lighting system. All the elements that make up the walls are designed and engineered by ABS Group, including the backlight system, which highlights and enhances the colors and graphics printed on the sheets.

Bright fabric walls that, thanks to the integrated screens, welcome visitors at the entrance with the speedy passage of an unmistakable sound, dipping it in the Aventador and Huracán of the cars Lamborghini, you pass the family tree, a great lightbox, from the graphics charming, which traces the history of the brand across all models made in over 50 years. This large wall, an aluminum frame and backlit, fabric is enhanced by the presence of four screens that allow you to discover, one by one, the Taurus brand cars, even on the basis of their technical and constructive characteristics.

On the first floor of the Museum, was also rearranged the area Lamborghini racing team, with a backlit wall spanning more than 24 meters, which is the backdrop to the cars on display and that, thanks to the presence of some displays, transports the visitor into the reality of Super Trofeo race with newer movies. In this section, the arrangement was also enriched by numerous media experiences such as monitor S.p.A. with ETT for accessing the website of Squadra Corse and two virtual reality with Samsung Gear VR to experience the thrill of a trail ride aboard a Lamborghini Super Trofeo.

From the combination of several multimedia and interactive media and solutions visually stunning exhibition requirements of ABS Group, the result is a new itinerary, which now makes it possible to live a real experience of the world, where history, Lamborghini engines, design and technology interact with each other and are intertwined, in a picturesque journey between past, present and future.

The use of structures such as aluminum and fabric, light, flexible and easily assembled, has also led to the set up in record time, with accomplishment in just two days of work.

Museum with fabric structures and multimedia supports – In collaboration with ETT SpA


Equipped wall units, Lightbox