Exhibition-event “Marina Abramović / Estasi”

Curated by Casa Testori and produced by VanitasClub (part of MilanoCard Group), “Marina Abramović / Estasi” is the exhibition-event dedicated to the video cycle “The Kitchen. Homage to Saint Therese” at the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan.
The artist’s rigour and spiritual depth are highlighted by the installation designed by architect Martina Valcamonica and enhanced by the creations of ABS Group.
Crescent moons in textile architecture form the background to the delicate white voile totems embellished by a frontal fabric suitable for video projection. They lead the visitor to the last stage, where the projection is made on a white background fabric that is perfectly positioned inside the niche of the Sottofedericiana room of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana.
This evocative path thus leads visitors through the vision of the works of art, in a perfect combination of art, architecture and setting.


Textile Architecture