Decor Lab

Stretched fabric for upholstery
The installation for Decor Lab was created by combining the ability of ABS Group to print on large-format fabric with the know-how of Haltadefinizione, specialized in the digitization and reproduction of artworks in very high definition. The result is a textile wall, which gives great character and personality to the environment reproducing a seventeenth-century painting currently preserved in the Brera Art Gallery.
The reproduction of the “Portrait of a Gentlewoman” by Tanzio da Varallo was printed on fabric through dye-sublimation, using water-based inks and without solvents. The material used is a 100% polyester fiber, free of PVC, antibacterial, flame retardant and recyclable. The printed fabric was then fixed and tensioned over a wall of about 6×5 meters, by means of thin, pre-drilled Descor profiles, applied over the wall surface.
Stretched wall fabrics offer many advantages: no need of glues; antibacterial, safe and eco-friendly fabrics; quick and easy image change; possibility to integrate insulating materials to improve energy and acoustics performances.


Fabric furnishing