Euroshop 2020

Stand set up
Made in textile architecture, the ABS Group stand at Euroshop 2020 was conceived and developed by Kora Comunicazione to present the “Phygital Retail” concept, which involves the integration of physical and digital supports in order to make the sales spaces engaging and experiential.

The particular shape of the stand, with a cross plan, cancels the perception of the inside and the outside, which become one in the visit itinerary. Even the pattern, which evokes the lively colors and 80s geometries of the Memphis “style”, spreads uniformly across the fabric walls, lightboxes, mannequins and screens, creating a pop environment with a strong visual impact.
Many products, such as the showcase, the table, the mirror and the interactive slider, are presented in realistic situations and in dialogue with each other, to help visitors understand their possible uses and potential.
Various visual suggestions then enhance the external corners of the structure, populated by colorful floating mannequins, round and dynamic lightboxes. Every detail is carefully taken care of: thanks to the integration of LEDs in the profiles, even the structural elements become an integral part of the ABS Group aesthetic, as does the glossy black floor which reflects and amplifies lights and colours.
Lastly, the space dedicated to dynamic interactive lightboxes is attractive and engaging, which change animation based on the way visitors touch the covering fabrics.

Among the over 2400 exhibitors present at Euroshop 2020, the graphic and set-up concept of the ABS Group stand was selected among the 10 finalists of the Exhibitor Magazine EuroShop Awards, which rewards the best stand-designs on the international scene.


Textile Architecture