Elettrica Rogeno

Wall and ceiling stretched fabric
This project arose from the need to rethink the offices located within the production spaces of Elettrica Rogeno, a company operating in the field of renewable energy. The stretched fabric was applied to the walls and ceiling, creating a totally new look for the rooms and making them original, comfortable and bright.
A blue sky embellished with white clouds and a bright green lawn are the main subjects chosen to give the offices brightness and cheerfulness. Along the entire perimeter of the internal walls, doors, windows, ceilings and the external front wall of approximately 16×3 metres, special fir-wood mullions were fitted spaced from the wall. The Descor struts required for applying and tensioning the fabrics were then attached to them.
Sound-absorbing panels, measuring 120×142 cm and 40 mm thick, were inserted between the fabrics and wall surfaces. This intervention proved necessary given the location of the offices within the production area, devised following a detailed acoustic analysis of the environment. The result is an acoustically-insulated, comfortable and quiet space within which one can work in peace.


Fabric furnishing