Aldo Coppola – La Triennale di Milano

From 5 February to March 2, 2017, the spaces of the Triennale di Milano host “Aldo Coppola-timeless beauty”, the evocative exhibition-installation dedicated to Aldo Coppola and made by ABS Group in textile architecture. The exhibition, which celebrates 50 years of activity of the brand was designed by Aldo Coppola Junior with architect Richard Lattuada and Elisabetta Presotto.
The exhibition is spread over an area of about 500 square meters and is perfectly integrated in the halls of the Palazzo della Triennale following softly spaces and the curvature of the walls.

Since the first steps, the visitor has the feeling of being totally immersed in the fascinating world Coppola, thanks to an inclusive, visually compelling and emotional. Along the way is a succession of video installations, reportage, personal portraits of Coppola and over 250 shots copyright, by Oliviero Toscani to Fabrizio Ferri, by Giampaolo Barbieri to Giovanni Gastel, which make the visitor experience a real journey through the master’s life and the evolution of beauty, over 5 decades of Italian history.

Access to the very “heart” of the exhibition consists of 5 meters high reproduction of the red logo of Aldo Coppola, supported by an aluminium frame, covered with a black cloth, which acts as an entrance to a corridor covered over 50 meters.
Inside one of the walls of the corridor has an integrated LED wall light, which extends for the full length of the structure, while the opposite wall is decorated with a series of images and descriptive text. The tissue that lines the walls and ceiling shows a pattern of red roses, very loved by Coppola because a symbol of strength and passion and this is chosen as the background for the entire exhibition. A glossy platform on the floor reflects and amplifies the video lights and lightbox.
Outside the corridor, the route continues along two long fabric-covered aluminium walls decorated and illuminated, which emphasize the curve of the corridor and the wall of the Hall.
Exhibition with backlit walls and integrated ledwall. Project of Riccardo Lattuada


Equipped wall units, Lightbox, Textile Architecture