Aldo Coppola – Brian&Barry Building

The ABS Group took part in the project for the new Aldo Coppola atelier, which was inaugurated on 1 March on the first floor of the Brian & Barry Building, a megastore in central Milan.
Using unique materials and new technologies, the company has created all the fabric décor solutions in the 400 sq.m area devoted to the world of beauty and wellness.
From the counters and equipped walls to the lamps and original hourglass-design displays, the new Coppola atelier is “dressed” with ABS Group fabrics that are printed and personalised to create an elegant and innovative furnishing system.
The most interesting new products unveiled by ABS Group on this occasion include the colour-changing RGB LEDs backlighting of the structures, and the new “Shape” fabric made of 50% polyester and 50% steel. The metal strands of the fabric’s weft make it moldable and, through meticulous manual working and sewing, allow striking and dynamic 3D surfaces to be created.
Some of the most peculiar elements to be highlighted: two sculpture-like welcome desks at the entrance (backlit and embellished with glass tops), hourglass displays (over two meters high, colour-changing RGB LEDs backlighted installation), the over 20 lamps in aluminium and fabric, and its 24 backlit walls with shelves and chests of drawers.
The new Aldo Coppola atelier is a glowing, creative, innovative space that confirms the important role of fabric in creating furnishing systems in the retail sector.

Photo of Mario Donadoni.
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