Continues the successful collaboration between ABS Group and Technogel, the Italian multinational that has patented the gel, a unique and innovative material, intended initially to the medical care and later used for the manufacture of mattresses, pillows and accessories for the comfort of high quality.

In addition to prepare from time stands and events with aluminium and fabric structures, Technogel has recently chosen to consolidate its ties with ABS Group by defining a format setting for their corporate corner worldwide.

The structures of two lightbox of different formats, which can be fixed to the wall or placed on the ground with the addition of specific bases, along with towels to clothe them and complete instructions, form the “kit” designed for numerous vendors distributed between Europe and the United States.

Minimum overall dimensions during transport and storage, easy installation and periodically changing the sheets covering the updated corporate communications, make this the perfect format to create everywhere in the world, the corner of product presentation Technogel.
Stand exhibition Sleep fot Feet – Berlin 2016


Equipped wall units