Stefano Boeri – 3 M Italia

“Urban Tree Lounge” is the installation designed by 3 m with Stefano Boeri Design Architects and built by ABS Group at the Milan Design Week 2016, within Material Connexion project Materials Village, Italy.

The structure, a stylized tree 6 meters high, below which visitors can sit and admire the reflective leaves waterfall and recharge the mind as well as their mobile devices, is located in the area outside of Superstudio Più, famous exhibition space in the heart of zona Tortona.

ABS Group was chosen to deal with the complex processing of the elements that make up the installation, entirely realized with different materials, including films, nonwovens and stickers.


“Urban Tree Lounge” is formed by a steel frame and aluminum by more than two and a half tons, on which rests a cover made of iron and aluminum. Fills the space between the sofa and the foliage a spectacular cloud of leaves: approximately 1500 pieces of film with different shapes, studded with dozens of steel rods to the reflective cover, on which are reflected. The material used to make the leaves is the “3 m Dichroic Films”: extremely light and transparent, takes on different colors depending on how it is illuminated by the Sun, creating a visually compelling color effect. The combination of materials that make up Urban Tree Lounge dance and light is reflected, allowing visitors to experience a unique and refreshing, where you can recharge the mind as well as mobile devices.

The installation was designed and built during the Milan design week and will remain on display at Superstudio Più from 12 to April 17, 2016.

Urban Tree Lounge
Superstudio Più, Milano
12-17 aprile 2016
Design: Stefano Boeri Architetti
Production: 3M Italia e Material Connexion
Construction and set up: ABS Group
Installation Fuori Salone 2016


Textile Architecture