Groupe E

Interactive installations for corporate training areas
Based on a project by Thematis, ABS Group has set up some authentic corporate training areas in which fabric, technology and home automation perfectly integrate to the benefit of visitors and the consultants who use them.
“Creating a special visiting experience within dedicated high-value training contexts” is what Groupe E, a Swiss company operating in the energy sector, wanted to set up for its “Competence Centres” in Matran, Boudry and Châtel-St-Denis.
The installation includes back-lit equipped walls along the entire perimeter of the rooms, integrated with devices that interact via app to simulate the best solutions to be implemented for each source. Plus, the interaction with the “training walls” is encouraged by the application of real features on the fabric light-boxes which visitors can use to try the various tools for energy exchange and control, such as the electric socket for charging a car battery. Last but not least, the interactive fabric solutions allow users to be immersed in the different contexts of energy use, and to understand the interactions between the various energy sources thanks to the personalized graphics printed in sublimation in ultra-high resolution.


Equipped wall units, Interactive fittings, Lightbox