FICO Eataly World Unesco

On 15 November in Bologna, FICO Eataly World inaugurated an agro-food park that brings numerous restaurants, shops, workshops, fields and stables all into one place. It is a food town that recounts the journey that food makes “from seed to fork”.
The ABS Group played its part in the set-up of FICO, the world’s largest Italian farm park, where it installed several textile architecture works.
At the entrance of the park, a UNESCO cylindrical totem immediately captures visitors’ attention. The 4.5-metre-high installation has a circumference of 6.5 metres and consists of a fabric-covered aluminium structure back-lit with an LED lighting system. The images and infographics reproduced on the surface present 53 World Heritage Sites in Italy.
Moving along the route, visitors are accompanied by the story of Italian landscapes, to which the suspended features and coverings of the parapets in the upper part of the central corridor are dedicated. The images, graphics and infographics printed on fabric and framed with aluminium profiles present Italy’s different landscapes, hills, mountains and biodiversity.
Near the exit, a 30-metre-long suspended curve of fabric-covered aluminium indicates access to the bazaar and offers a ‘thank you’ to the public for visiting the park.

The versatility of the textile architecture structures has made it possible to decorate and enhance the overhead parts of the area with light and creative ceiling-mounted elements. Also, the fabrics of ABS Group, printed with water-based, ecological and odourless inks, blend perfectly with an environment like FICO Eataly World, which is dedicated to savouring Italy’s excellent food and wines with all the senses.


Textile Architecture