Contarina SpA

Sound-absorbing fabric panels
Contarina SpA is a cutting-edge company managing environmental services in the province of Treviso that commissioned ABS Group to set up a new meeting room inside its headquarters. After a careful acoustic analysis of the environment, carried out in collaboration with Polymaxitalia, some sound-absorbing panels were custom designed and applied to the walls. These panels are composed of polyester fibers that absorb sound waves, they were inserted in aluminum frames and covered with dye-sublimation printed fabrics. On the ceiling 70 parallelepiped-shaped panels were applied. They are 40 mm thick, with slightly rounded edges, which give them diffusing properties. These elements, which can be covered with fabrics of different colors, are made from the thermoforming of 100% recycled polyester fiber. They can be fixed on vertical or horizontal surfaces and are characterized by a wide spectrum sound absorption, thanks to the contribution of the air cavity and the special rounded back face made with raw polyester fiber.


Sound-insulating wall