Fabric + beMatrix® frame: same structures different designs

Why to combine two extremely versatile elements such as beMatrix® profiles and fabric covers?
Simple: to give life to countless exhibition projects, optimizing time and resources!
Thanks to the modular frames “with the big holes” and the highly customizable fabric coverings, which can be swapped out with new ones effortlessly, you can use the same structures for different types of projects.
Moreover, these solutions are solid, lightweight and portable, convenient to transport and assembly and have a reduced environmental impact. Make the best choice for your next exhibition project!

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The reasons why SSD Lab chose beMatrix®

“The advantages offered by the beMatrix® system are many, but SSD Lab has chosen it for four main reasons:
1. Speed: we can offer our customers the same fittings that we made with traditional materials, shortening delivery times.
2. Zero risks: the risks associated with wooden stands or fittings such as paintwork, chipped frames and so on, are no longer here.
3. Eco-friendly set-ups: in our work we always prefer sustainable choices. Traditional materials for stand construction bring with them an impressive amount of waste, while using beMatrix®, waste and environmental impact are reduced to a minimum.
4. Flexible designs: thanks to the beMatrix® system our stands are different. We are able to project and offer stands with particular designs that allow them to distinguish from the competitors.”

Simone Francini
Sales and Marketing Manager SSD Lab

Lightweight and adaptable modules: the registration office at the Palariccione

On the occasion of the SIU 2021 National Congress, we realized and set up a temporary registration office welcoming visitors at the entrance to the Palariccione. The structure – 8.5 meters long, 4 meters wide and 2.5 meters high – is the result of the combination of different beMatrix® modules completely covered in printed and customized fabric. Design by: SSD Lab.

The modularity of the beMatrix® frames made it possible to design an installation that adapts to the available space, integrating perfectly with the existing architectural elements, such as the two side pillars. Furthermore, the lightweight, easy to assembly frames have simplified and speeded up the installation operations of the structure.

From a registration office to a portal, backdrop and stand

Part of the set-up elements of the structure built on the occasion of the SIU 2021 National Congress at Palariccione have been reused to give life to three other different set-ups, all designed by SSD Lab:
– a self-standing portal for an event inside a hotel in Rome
– a backdrop for France Odeon, the French Film Festival in Florence
– a Bioitalia stand built at the Tuscany Hall in Florence

All these projects were made using beMatrix profiles and printed fabric. The montages involved one or two people and were completed in record time, ranging from 40 minutes to two hours.
A confirmation of how the beMatrix® system is radically changing the approach designing and building stands, shops, temporary stores, events, offices and showrooms!

Would you like to find out more about this system and better understand all the possibilities and advantages it can offer?
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