ABSolutely® Sanitizing: walk-through disinfection arch with fabric structures

The ABS Group continues to develop new products and offerings to meet the various needs post-Coronavirus.

Following on from the custom fabric masks, the Silent & Safe sound-absorbing and antibacterial dividers, and the Transparent see-through and reusable dividers, ABS Group launches ABSolutely® Sanitizing, an exclusive system for the hygienisation of people entering and exiting sensitive areas.

So, what is it?

ABSolutely® Sanitizing is a surgical-medical device used to emit a disinfectant and antibacterial spray based on sodium hypochlorite and eucalyptus essential oil.
It is specifically designed to sanitise people and clothing, without staining or damaging fabric.

How does it work?

When a person passes through the ABSolutely® Sanitizing arch, the system automatically mists 10 microns of micro droplets that penetrate without wetting clothing, aimed at killing over 95% of pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Elements that comprise ABSolutely® Sanitizing

1. 2 semi-circular arches: made of AISI304 steel with 26 nozzles with a diameter of 10 mm (13 nozzles for each semi-circular arch).
2. Pumping module: an electric single-phase 60-bar pump with 2 pistons, producing 1 l/min.
3. Electrical panel + programmer: an electrical control panel able to programme operating time.
4. Extraction kit: a system for extracting liquid from the tank with float for automatic stoppage.
5. Tank: 50-litre container of sanitiser/detergent already mixed with water.
6. Tube kit: containing a black polyamide tube (PA12SR) with a diameter of 9.6 mm and length of 25 metres.
7. Photocells: 2 photocells to activate the system upon a person passing through.
8. Footboard: a plastic footboard for people to step on when passing through.
9. Frame or lightbox: 100×230 cm aluminium structures with free-standing base and fabric printed with custom designs.


Fabric structures – space for communications

ABSolutely® Sanitizing steel semi-circular arches are secured with two walls of aluminium and fabric, being 100 cm wide and 230 cm high respectively, with a free-standing base. The structures can also be made in the backlit version and can be customised by printing on the fabric coverings. In addition to conferring an aesthetic value to ABSolutely® Sanitizing, these structures form useful spaces for corporate communication. Logos, graphics, images and welcome messages can be printed on the fabrics, along with simple and immediate directions for using the device, without the need for any other components.

Would you like to receive more information about ABSolutely® Transparent dividers?
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